| Directors

James Hanney CEO

James Hanney has twenty five years of proven insurance and reinsurance skills across various classes of business with directorship skills and a specialist knowledge of the reinsurance market in London and European countries centered around the Middle East and North African/Asian market.

He has been involved in start-ups across multiple lines of business with specialist knowledge of contractual liabilities within the casualty / specialty lines as well as management and development of facilities and binding authorities.

Syed Naqvi CUO

Qualified professional with expertise in both underwriting and reinsurance, is a member of the founding management team. He has over 17 years’ experience in the insurance & reinsurance industry.

Reinsurance underwriting experience includes seven years as Head of Casualty Underwriting at Liberty Mutual Insurance Europe Ltd in Dubai. He previously served as a Manager at American International Group (AIG) in Oman where he worked for five years on Casualty and Financial Lines.

Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Insurance Management from ECO College of Insurance and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from AMI.